Problems with 9500 PPC

Peter Burgstaller (
Fri, 1 Sep 1995 09:04:42 +0200 (MET DST)

Hi all,

I guess the 9500 problems still apply. It seems as if the new
Open Transport Version 1.0.7 (after patching) still doesn't work
with CUSeeMe 0.80b. I can connect to my reflector. As soon as another
one gets in (doesn't matter if Mac or NV) my framerate drops and I get
kicked out. Also I noticed that it isn't that bad if I don't send audio.
As soon as I send Audio, I get kicked out.
I tried to directly contact to another Mac with CU and barely got a frame
rate from the other one (around 0.2 fps). He could get my 10 - 11 fps
and my audio .. but I didn't get any audio from him and again only about
.2 fps for around a minute. Then the whole setup breaks down again.

Any suggestions, clues, new versions?

Thanx to yall for your help, Peter

P.S. Personally I find it unbelievable that Apple ships such a crap.
Open Transport 1.0.1 is an Alpha Release. Around 50% of my networksoftware
doesn't work at all with it. That is however somewhat better with 1.0.7
AppleShare crashes as soon as another one mounts my harddrive 8(

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