Re: QuickCam screen

Peter Peck (
Fri, 1 Sep 1995 12:21:42 -0400

>Maybe someone can help me here.
>My QuickCan doesn't work anymore. All I see is a black screen. It's working
>sometimes(rare). I ask connectix to help me and they sent me some things to
>try...but it still not working. I tought maybe someone had the same problem
>and know what's the bug? So, before sending it back to QuickCam, I'd like
>to get some help here!!!

Hi Greg - The first QC I got had a bad cable and would only work if I moved
the cable to a working position. I returned it to MacConnection and they
sent me a new one overnight. That corrected my problem. Try moving the
cable around and see what happens. Good Luck - Peter

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