Re: VB SE 100 And Win'95

Rene Reitter (
Sat, 2 Sep 1995 03:39:09 +0000

CU-SeeMe works fine with VB SE 100 and Windows 95. The problems I
have seen so far resulted from bad driver configurations of the SE100.

As this matter is not really related to CU-SeeMe I won't go into
more details here, but anybody experiencing problems can contact me
directly by E-Mail.


P.S. I got an account at too the first time I posted a
message here. Wonder if I get a second one now...

> Does anyone have any positive experiences with the Creative Labs
> Video Blaster SE-100 and the Windows '95???
> I had seen that someone was compalining of problems a few days ago,
> has anyone gotten these two item to work together with CU-SeeMe??
Rene Reitter