Re: One-Way CuSeeMe?

Richard Collins (
Sat, 2 Sep 1995 05:04:31 -0230

We are presently running an arrangement very similar to what you
suggest. We are broadcasting via sattelite courses around our province.
We then receive return video from each of our College sites via the
internet. Our smallest link is a 19,200 standard analogue phone link
that's not bad and averages 30-35 kbs. That gives good one-way video but
I doubt audio would be much good at that rate. We are bringing the
return audio back via the standard audio teleconferencing system. Maybe
audio might have worked ok with a perfect 28,800 link but our arrangement
works well.

On Fri, 1 Sep 1995, Roger Lee Boston wrote:

> OK we are all trying to get better throughput at 28.8 in the windows
> community, right? I am chewing on a hybrid idea which might be promising
> but don't know whether it would work:
> 1. Attempt CuSeeMe ONE WAY ONLY as a transmission -- could this be done
> and if so would it double the performance i/t/o frames/sec, sent audio?
> 2. Do the RECEIVING using the DIRECPC satellite connection taking the
> far end transmissions at 400,000 bits/sec.
> If this combination would work a lecture could be uplinked at high data
> rates and delivered to the students-at-a-distance at a very high data
> rate (400KBS) and they would have a one-way path back to the instructor
> at (twice?) what is now being experienced on a 28.8 dialup PPP?
> Is such a thing as one-way CuSeeME sound/video possible point to point or
> otherwise? And if so could not half-fuplex CU exchanges something like
> the old short wave conversations be better than no effective voice/video
> at all?