Re: Sound (again!)
Sat, 2 Sep 1995 15:01:19 -0400

At 2:21 PM 9/1/95 -0400, Howard Tweddle wrote:
>I was connected to House of Blues tonight and the video worked. However, no
>sound. Yeh, yeh, I know, no good at 14.4 - but I mean, no sound at all,
>completely silent. The other night, I was getting audio (admittedly broken
>up) from the NASA broadcast. I can't find any settings to fiddle with. I'm
>in Windows-F-W 3.1 with a 486DX50.
>Any suggestions? (Apart from get a faster modem!). Is there some kind of
>automatic mute if not enough packets are coming in for sound? Can I shift
>the priorities between sound and video?

If you were connected to a version 4.00x reflector, then audio is not
forwarded unless the reflector believes you have sufficient bandwidth for
it. I.e., based on packet loss, it sets a target data rate for you. If
that data rate is less than what is required for the given audio encoding,
it is not transmitted. If it does decide that you have enough bandwidth
for audio, then all of it is forwarded; as much video as necessary is then
dropped to stay under the target rate.

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