Paul Schutte (
Sat, 2 Sep 1995 21:06:46 -0700

WOW!!is about all I can say right now. I have been watching NASA TV and feel
much like the first guys on the moon - history in the making. I first saw a
CU demo on a Mac at our community college in mid-April. Since then I have
struggled to get it working on my home P-60. My ISP, Netcom was a roadblock,
so was a 14.4 modem and earlier versions of CU.

In the past few weeks, I heard periodic crackling sounds. Now, 9/2/95 at
11:30 pm EST, I am hearing isolated words, phrases, sentences, and entire
2-3 min. periods of fairly clear voice and music. I am using a USR
28.8..normal dial-up, the latest version of CU, and the recommended audio
settings. As I write this, the performance is improving. At 11:53 pm a story
on physical condition of athletes was broadcast. 12:05 am, it was still
running. I heard every word. The clarity was just as good as RealAudio.

Yes, the video was frozen, (but does IPhone give you a still, does VidCall
give you sound?) Yes there is room for improvement. Yes there is a ways to
go before many can accept it as a reliable medium for business and
education..but I am totally AMAZED at the leaps in improved performance.
It's happening!

I've been reading the list for months and understand the impatience of some.
But I for one want to say..THANK YOU CORNELL>>>.. I am truly amazed,
impressed, excited, and most of all grateful to see history being made. It
is a thrill!! So thanks, and keep up the great work!
Monica Schutte
HCEA Technology Committee, Chairman
Derse Exhibits, Technology Consultant
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