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>The server is now a joke after the christan scientists raid.

It wasn't the Christian Scientists, but rather science fiction writer L.
Ron Hubbard's Scientologists.

"Raid"? It'd behoove you to read Julf's notes on the matter. Only one
address was divulged, and under the law in Finland. Still, it was not a
good thing, and the resultant furor in Finland makes it unlikely that this
will ever happen again.

>Also American and other foriegn inteligence agencies can pick mail right
>off it and see the original sender at their will, they have the system in
>thier pockets.

There's never been indication that pseudononymous remailers have been
compromized by any agency or government. Asserting it doesn't make it so.

>Nothing that gets done today over the internet is anonymous
>to the CIA or NSA, they spend thier entire day watching packets these days
>as they have nothing better to define thier jobs with now that the cold war
>and all is over.

The cryptographic techniques of traffic analysis are well known, and it's
even slightly possible that a single remailer is being watched. That's why
there's a whole bunch of CypherPunk anonymizing remailers - you can chain
your message though as many of them as you want.

Your ranting would be more plausible if it were grounded in fact. I
suggest that you read "The Puzzle Palace", "Spyworld", and "The

> If you are using the anon server be sure to understand that it has
>been compromised and will continue to be. The only true security is 1024
>bit public key encryption. And fromwhat I have read soon that will be
>unsafe also.

You're confusing using a remailer to hide your identity and using
encryption to hide the contents of a message. PGP supports up to 2048-bit
keys; if you have something you want to keep private for a while longer,
use all of them.

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