mac.alpha/ (what gives?)
Mon, 4 Sep 1995 09:01:02 -0400

I have been checking the gated ftp site all summer for a new mac version. can
someone bring me up to date on where we stand on getting a new version?

I keep trying to get into a directory at the gated site called mac.alpha but
have been repeatedly given the message "unable to establish working link to
.../cuseeme/mac.alpha" perhaps just another aol internet quirk. god knows i
am used to them. god also knows that i am happy to have found a way around
paying for aol.

i'll try gated again when i get back home to my ISP and ISDN. until then, can
someone bring me up to date on what's been happening at cornell? i have been
off of this list for a few months. i'd greatly appreciate it...

dreaming of ppc native, 30fps, full-color, 16-bit surround, full-screen,
version 0.9b...