Low bitrate

Persson Stefan, Promotor (Stefanp@han.promotor.telia.se)
Mon, 04 Sep 95 16:57:00 PDT

Hi All !

I'm running two PC's off the net on a ISDN-connection. The connection is
128k but I only seem to get through about 40-50k at a most. I'm using
ZyXEL-modems and Trumpet Winsock, can anyone tell me what's causing this low

My other problem is that when I start my CU-SeeMe session and my local
window appears it got horisontal bars over it, so that it almost looks like
I'm in jail. Between the bars the picture looks fine. I'm using VideoBlaster
SE100, have anyone got a similar problem or any hints of what it can be.

I'm using version 0.70b1