CUSeeMe video problem

stick (
Tue, 05 Sep 95 00:23:24 -0600

I am using a Pentuim, 28,800 modem, Windows 95 and the Reveal
TV500. Installation went very well. One very big problem
though, I can only send my video as a negative. It also appears
in my local video window as a negative. I have read all
instructions and help files in depth and can find nothing that
will inverse the picture. When I use the software for the TV
500 everything looks great in the pictures there. In some
documentation I've seen an explanation for a button called
"flip image" which must be only for the Mac version. If this
button is to switch from or to a negative, why isn't on the PC
version. Can you please help!!! (could this possible be the
.drv in the msvideo=. If so, what should it be)