Wabi works !

Patrick Arnoul (parnoul@chouette.saclay.cea.fr)
Tue, 5 Sep 1995 18:53:14 +0200

Gee ! After a few clunky tests on two PCs (the sender using the
creative labs Video Blaster), I tried to install the CU-SeeMe
demo version on a SparcStation 20 under Solaris2.4 using WABI.

I works, only as a lurker, but I was very surprised, the TCP/IP
stack I chose is standard winsock, the installation program was
complaining about not recognising it but who cares...

Too bad I can't be a sender, I have a video acquisition board in
the SUN and of course audio as well, but not in the PC world...

Does anybody has the source for the video for windows drivers I
could port ? Or is that MCI drivers CU-SeeMe is using ? With
a few evenings work, I could be compatible...