Captivator & Cuseeme

Paul (
Tue, 5 Sep 1995 12:20:24 -0500


I purchased a Captivator from VideoLogic and initially
had a difficult time in getting it to function properly
because the kbps would go sky high, in excess of 150
to over 350. I finally corrected the problem by cleaning
up my system's *.dll's. This is on a Pentium under

Now, my friend is also having trouble with his cuseeme,
only his problem is that his kpb's are too low. We have
tried adjusting all four items; the transmission min/max,
and in compression, change tolerance and refresh interval.
I open his send/receive button in his window, it attemps to
function and the packets may occassionally go to 2 and the
kbps to 75 or so.

For me 5/20 & 5/20 works perfectly. We have tried the
same approach on his machine as I did on mine, still no luck.
He is using v65, but has tried v66.

I noticed in a letter posted earlier today that mentioned the
bandwidth capacity of a channel. Could this be a clue as
to why my friend is having difficulty?

Any suggestions for solutions to this is greatly appreciated.