Re: Reveal TV500 Greg, Greetings! My name is Jeff Welsh. I also have just purc

greg ()
Tue, 05 Sep 1995 15:55:42 PDT

Nope. No help here, I'm sad to say. I have been on this list for a week, my
first question being a copy of yours. Only a few have answered, most echoing
my question. The developers, while they read this list (we can tell from the
replies) seem not not give much of a damn about our poor choice of cards.

Having already made the mistake of purchasing a Reveal TV500 for use
w/CuSeeme without doing my homework, I, like you, get to feel silly and
suffer from this (admittedly unresearched) bad choice.

In all fairness, the developers are college students, at the bachelor and
above level. They are BUSY. They are producing a product that people *USE*
for some thing, so they are not necessarily at liberty to just put out a change.

OTOH, IMHO, there is some functionality that is trivial to produce, which I
feel has not been done in spite of demand. Among this functionality is a
simple "invert the palette" function. Having this one lousy function would
double the number of usable video cards, halve the bug list, and reduce the
number of complaints on this mailing list by 1/3. Perhaps this is a matter
for value-added producers, such as White Pine.

We are not this first to have asked this question. As I understand it, the
matter has to do w/ compression, so perhaps it isn't as simple as it seems
to me.

My big complaint (and the reason that I'm copying this reply to the list),
is the lack of responsiveness from the developers (or other members of the
list) that I have experienced in the (admittedly few) few days since I have
asked this same question.

Bottom line?
Return the card.
Buy something else.
The list of supported hardware is short.
You cant get there from here
At least *I* answered

See ya
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