Re: Reveal TV500 Greg, Greetings! My name is Jeff Welsh. I also have just purc

Don Johnson ()
Tue, 05 Sep 1995 17:59:11 -0400

>Nope. No help here, I'm sad to say. I have been on this list for a week, my
>first question being a copy of yours. Only a few have answered, most echoing
>my question. The developers, while they read this list (we can tell from the
>replies) seem not not give much of a damn about our poor choice of cards.

Please keep in mind that this is FREE Software. BETA software. That means
it's our job to relay bugs, incompatibilities, etc. to the developers. If
you've ever been on the giving end of tech support (software/hardware
anything) you would know that you can be driven batty by complaints and
details that do nothing but keep you off track of your true purpose. In this
case, to develop software.

If you've only been on the list one week, then you couldn't have done much
homework on your own. I would suggest after you learn the product to become
a volunteer to compile, what has not already been, so others like you will
have access to it...Of course, if you want commercial software & hardware
then I would suggest paying the price for it and then you can call them and
possibly pay by the hour for tech support anyway. If they charge, then
there's a better chance they'll be in business to serve their customers in
the future!

Respectfully and hopefully enlightened in this business...


Don Johnson