Reveal TV-500 suggestion?

Paul (
Tue, 5 Sep 1995 17:05:36 -0500

Regarding the Reveal TV-500, no IT WILL NOT WORK!

There have been several postings recently concerning this
card. I made the same mistake and purchased one which
I returned. However, with my current card, Captivator,
I noticed that in cludes an option to reverse the video, this
is found in the Video Format settung just above 8 bit palettized.

Apparently the Captivator card is currently a hot item and
difficult to locate at the moment. Tirger Direct is scheduled
to receive a shipment in October. You could try VideoLogid

Tiger Direct 1-800-888-4437
VideoLogic 1-800-494-4938

As far as the other remarks and concerns on todays posting
from Greg Colin, it is frustrating to have a problem and then
get no responce from the readers or Cornell. I posted one
earlier about helping to setup a friends Captivator card. Maybe
some one will have had that experince and can share a solution.