Picture less than perfect in Windows 95

Gregory Stypko (stypko@cybercomm.net)
Wed, 6 Sep 1995 10:12:37 -0400

I am having a problem with my Windows95 CU-SeeMe setup.

I run CU-SeeMe W0.70b1 on Windows 95 using Microsoft TCP/IP stack. My =
configuration is as follows:
486DX 33,=20
Stealth 64 Dram,=20
Cardinal 28.8 V.34,
no sending capablilty.
My problem is that frames are not drawn in its entirety. Some portions =
of the screen are not drawn at all, containing fragments of previous =
(old) frames. Different regions of the window are affected by this (it =
is not always in the same place).
With one window open, kbps rported vary between 9 and 18. fps usually =
at 0 rarely 1.The lost packets indication (which I turned on int the ini =
file) stays always 0. Did anybody encounter a similar problem ? Any =
help will be appreciated.

Gregory Stypko