Re: One-Way CuSeeMe

Richard A. Smith (
Wed, 6 Sep 1995 01:26:36 -0500 (CDT)

> Someone once mentioned to be about using (2) 28.8k modems to an Internet
> Service Provider using PPP. I was told that this conceivably provides
> a 56k link, but you need a Unix box, such as Linux to do this, not to
> mention drivers. Wouldnt this provide bettwer throughput for CUSEEME for
> your network?
> Has anybody heard about this before!?

I have done this out of my house.... My old roomate works for the local
ISP and we set this up for the house network that we had.

I plan to do it again when InterLive, Inc. broadcasts the Miss Gay America
Pagent with CUSM in October.

As you noted we were using linux and thats the only *inx that I have heard
of being able to do this...

The feature is called Inverse Multiplexing. And is suported by most
Telebit router/modem servers which is what we were using. I have no clue
about any other manafacturer than Telebit.

The respose was quite good. I saw downloads of mine that reached the
6Kbytes/s mark. After 2 interfaces though the law of diminishing returns
kicks in. (Or so the telebit manual claims. we only tried 2)

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