Macintosh Performa 5200 Question

Malcolm Jonathan Vincent (
Wed, 6 Sep 1995 10:25:16 GMT0BST

Hi All.

I'm hoping to use CU-SeeMe in some of our lectures
in Northern Ireland (we are trying to bring in a site
that's about 40 miles away. with a G703 IDSN 6 VC link
and CU-SeeMe on Mac's and PC's).

The only problem I'm having is that apart from Centris
660 AV's the only other Mac's available are three or four
Performa 5200's.

CU-SeeMe doesn't seem to like vdig jbtv.

Up until discovering this I didn't realise CU-SeeMe doesn't
actually use the QuickTime interface at the normal high level
if at all (really don't have a clue), but I would appreciate
it if anyone at cornell or white pine could indicate
a time for support for the 5200 jbtv vdig.


Cu-SeeMe (0.80 68k & PPC; 0.65 PC)


Mac Centris 660AV (vdig m3tv)
Mac Performa 5200 (no tuner, vdig jbtv)
Siemens Nixdorf 5CH 75Mhz 16Mb RAM.

[Thanks to Develop for Things! without which I would
not have some of the above information]

Malcolm Vincent