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John Gleissner (JGleissner@GaSoU.edu)
Wed, 06 Sep 95 09:05:50 -0400

Dear Readers:

Currently, I am not on this list for distribution so please reply to me
directly or at least cc your responses to my e-mail box. Thank you.

A few faculty members are testing cu-seeme for small discussion groups on
campus and possibly expand to communications world-wide.

One of the faculty members has a problem with his video. He is using an
ACER 486dx66, a Reveal TV500 video card, and an RCA camcorder. His version of
cu-seeme is W0.70b1. Everything looks good and cu-seeme sees the video input
from the card and camera. BUT the image is in reverse video, ie. the image is in
negative format. When he lightens the image it goes black and vice-versa. Everything
that is white is black.

One of our members says that it could be a problem with the way cu-seeme sets
up its gray-scale pallette. Another was wondering if this was a compatibility

If anyone has heard of this problem and a possible fix or work around, please let me

Thank you.

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