CU-SEEME, NV 3.3b, and SGI video analog source

cortial (
Wed, 6 Sep 1995 19:23:29 -0600

First, I don't know if it is the right place to post
this question, because it's a SGI-NV problem.

We want to use a analog video input (a pal camescope) with NV3.3b on a SGI
The indy receives goods images.
then we select analog video input on the SGI video panel, and SGIindy/Galileo
as grabber on NV.

but when we start sending we've got the message from nv :

Unable to initialise CU-SeeMe encoding on Indy/Galileo

set control rate: VL: The value supplied was out of range

there is the same error message with the other encodings of NV :native NV
and Sun CellB

Using the Indycam, there is no problem like this.

So, is it really impossible to use video analog with NV on a SGI ?????