CyberFest '95 Press Release - Looking for Audio and Visually Creative People (2nd Announcment!)

Yvonne Marie Andres (andresyv@CERF.NET)
Wed, 6 Sep 1995 12:01:57 -0700 (PDT)

CyberFest 95 . . . .


On September 18, from 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM PST, the Global Schoolhouse will
coordinate a live interactive CU-SeeMe videoconference as part of
CyberFest '95 for school children, the news media, and the general public.

Particiapting schools will include: Buckman Elementary School, Arts
Magnet school from Portland, Oregon, Town School for Boys, from San
Francisco, California, McManus Middle School, from Linden, New Jersey,
International/Technology "Magnet" Elementary School, from Raleigh, North
Carolina, Jefferson Middle School, from Oceanside, California and others.

We are still looking to identify other CU-SeeMe sites around the world
who would like to participate in this event by sharing your music, art,
or culture. Each particpant will have 5-8 minutes to "share" and then
interact with the children.

Remember, the intention is to show
how music, art, or culture can be shared via CU-SeeMe.

If you would like to be a participant in the September 18th CyberFest
CU-SeeMe event, please contact: (do not reply to this list!).



The Second Annual CyberFest 95 bills itself as a Digital High Tech Global
Telecommunication Art & Cultural Exchange. The event will be held once again
at the Port of San Diego B Street Exhibition Gallery Sept. 17 - 24, 1995.
This year, the San Diego CyberFest has expanded to the downtown Broadway
Pier to kick-off with an all day public music, art and food festival.

In addition to San Diego, the contributing sponsors, members and volunteers
of CyberFest '95, are proud to present and participate at the Digital Image
'95 Show in the Aoyama Spiral Hall, Tokyo Aug. 25 -29. Cyberfest will feature
artistry from local San Diego digital artists and software firms. The
following week, a 15 member CyberFest team heads east in collaboration with
the Hong Kong Digital Association's First Annual CyberFest Hong Kong, held
Sept. 1 - 4, at the renowned Fringe Gallery, 2 Lower Albert Road, South Block
Central, Hong Kong, Tel (852) 2521 7251 in Hong Kong. This same entourage
returns to join with fellow CyberFest members to hold the Tijuana CyberFest
'95 at the Tijuana Cultural Center, Zona Rio, Tijuana Tel +52 66 84-1111,
Sept. 15 - 24. and San Diego festival simultaneously.

CyberFest 95 San Diego: Sept. 17 - Opening reception 2 pm - 10 pm
Broadway Pier, Downtown San Diego. Sponsored by the Port of San Diego and
SATURN retailers of San Diego, this one day venue includes internationally
and nationally known artists such as Stephen Bishop, Anthony Ortega, Charles
McPhearson, Hollis Gentry, Gregory Page, Joy Eden Harrison plus The Greyboy
Allstars, Burning Bridges, Everett Kings Modern Rythm, B-side Players,
Conglomerate, Jaime Valle & Equinox and the San Diego Children's Symphony.
Special guests and features include the San Diego Kite Club, an arts & crafts
show, international food booths , international beer garden and an evening
multimedia light show.

San Diego Port Exhibition Gallery: Sept. 17 - 24, 9 am - 1am(1140 North
Harbor Drive)
This 'cyber-festival' will continue another seven days to showcase cutting
edge multimedia presentations, computer art displays and demonstrations,
special guest lectures, hands-on educational workshops, daily K-12 bus tours,
realtime audio-video links with schools across international time zones
sponsored by ConnectNET and the Global Schoolnet. Events include digital and
live multimedia performances, realtime download and display of digital works,
art and music entertainment installations, evening music concerts with radio
simulcast, and realtime world wide web publishing.

CyberFest San Diego
Scheduled Evening Events

Mon. - Opening Gallery Reception 6:00 pm
Tues. - Live Jazz 8:30 pm
Wed. - Peter Davenport - UFO Forum 8:00 pm
Thur. - Barefoot Hockey Goalie
Darius-A Rock Opera 8:30 pm
Fri. - Azteca Sergio Arau 9:00 pm

Sat. - RainPeople Sol E Mar 9:00 pm
Live Painting by: "ROCCO" of Japan
Performances by:
Z.O. Voider, WormHole,
Dodecaphonic, Marcelo Radulovich,
Skin Council, Go Van Gogh 12 noon - 12 midnite

CyberFest 95 Hong Kong: Sept. 1 - opening reception 7pm
Featuring Trevor Henthorn & Ruby Wong of MULTIPLE INSERTIONS a
Omni-Platform installation containing two interfaces to the art data:
Director & HTML; which incorporates the industrial music of SWEAT ENGINE and
demonstrates the reliable use of both hi and low technologies, including the
use of MIDI controlled audio, video, pyrotechnics and (robotics) kinetic art;
plus the San Diego infamous performance by WORMHOLE (a.k.a. Hoyo de Gusano) a
percussion-based improvisational ensemble whose core members are Marcos
Fernandes, Mark Hunton, Robert Montoya and Marcelo Radulovich; is best
described as tribal meets industrial when worlds collide in this, the
ultimate "no age"drum circle. Exhibited works include installations from the
Hong Kong Digital Association, digital art of Lisa Hutton and John Engen and
the live multimedia of Spitfire Productions.

CyberFest 95 Tijuana: Sept. 15 - Opening Reception 7:00 pm
Featuring Japan's famous digital artist, Tanadori Yokoo , Hong Kong's Holly
Lee & Ka-Sing Lee, a video projection installation by Phillip Virgo of
Lotek, and the digital art of San Diego's Lisa Hutton and Robin Lowenthal.
Also featured is an outdoor sculptural light presentation by Sandy and
Stephen M. Burns. Musical performances by Arizona's hottest
salsa-samba-cumbia group, ZUM ZUM ZUM along with special guests: Alebrijies
of Tijuana and the international folkloric music of Trio Picoso.

CyberFest '95 Information Contact: Ruben Seja and Amber Marzullo
Tel: (619) 298-7473 Fax: (619) 497-0316
Web site...