Actionmedia II problem

Kevin Sims/FASTTAX (Kevin_Sims/
6 Sep 95 14:28:55 EDT

I have been trying, and trying and trying, to get CUSEEME to run on my Action
media II board with capture module.. The video for windows VIDCAP program
properly displays the video, but when I call up CUSEEME (version W0.70b1) it
says "initializing capture palette...", then says
CU-SeeMe: Hmmmmmm.... there may be a problem. ! Unsupported function. It says
that twice, then the screen comes up with the CUSEEME splat screen, then I get
what looks like someone that has taken a bottle of black ink and threw it at
the screen. After that, it looks like a river of black spots flowing on the
bottom of the screen.
Any sugguestions? or do you support the Action Media card? or ARE you going to
support the card?