Re: not there? BUT---

paul sentner (
Thu, 7 Sep 1995 00:47:11 -0400

>yes, Bill you do not see your name on the list.
>On Sun, 3 Sep 1995, Bill Neuman wrote:
>> I've got a question that I could not find an answer for. I looked at
>> Mike Sattler homepage for it too. Question is....
>> When I connect to a reflector either in send or receive mode and I
>> pull up the show all participants I never see me listed. Is this
>> correct?
>> Bill
..this summer there was a reflector where I saw my "name" on the list. has never happened on another reflector,
..AND when I tried to disconnect from that reflector I was
"switched"/connected to other reflectors; I had to quit CU-SeeMe to recover
from that initial connection. seemed to me that it was over-powered or something, but I'm not
informed enough in these matters to be certain of what was going on.