Gethostbyname() failed 11004

07 Sep 95 09:52:00 EDT

X-Nvlenv-01Date-Transferred: 7-Sep-1995 9:53:33 -0400; at Icarus.cms
X-Nvlenv-01Date-Posted: 07-Sep-1995 09:52:09 -0400; at CMS
X-PH: (Cornell Modified)
X-Listprocessor-Version: 7.2(a) -- ListProcessor by CREN

I am getting this error with W0.070b1 followed
by the 'hmmmm... there may be a problem...' and
'unable to create [invisible] network window'
Version W0.065b1 was working fine before I replaced it.
I downloaded W0.066b1 and that suffered similarly.
My machine is DNS registered and I can ping and resolve my hostname.
I have removed all local 'hosts' files - the presence of which had no
effect either.
Is there something I've missed?

I am using Netware 3.11 and LWP 4.2 Winsock.

'grateful for any help,