CU-SeeMe Config Questions
Thu, 07 Sep 1995 11:37:38 EDT


I am new to Cu-SeeMe and although I have read the NetScape Home page and
the Cu-SeeMe FAQ I still have questions.

1. Can anyone advise me on the best way to hook-up CU-SeeMe to a Quadra 650
. The Quadra has an ethernet card and hooked up to the ethernet via an
Ansante FriednlyNet connector. The Mac OS is 7.1. I am planning on purchasing
QuickCam. Do I need a video card to use QuickCam or can one of the serial
ports suffice?

2. I also have a Powerbook 180 with a Global Village Fax/Modem. I plan to
install CU-SeeMe on this platform. I have found an annonymous note listing
the use of Cu-SeeMe on a Powerbook 180c using MAC OS 7.5, QuickCam, built
in audio, MacTCP 2.0.4, Modem 19.2 Global Village Mercury Powerport. Does
anyone have experience with this approach. Alternatively, I might purchase
a Powerbook 520 and wondered what kind of approaches others have utilized.

You can email with your advise to:

thanking you in advance.