Refmon Causing Crashes on exit

Rick Collins (
Thu, 7 Sep 1995 17:47:36 -0230

I've confirmed a problem with our configuration:

about 50% of the time we exit refmon from an external terminal we crash =
our reflector. Once we suspected this 2 weeks ago we stopped using it =
to monitor connections. We haven't crashed since.

we are a PC-based department and have put together an InterProvincial =
network of MAC PPC systems to take advantage of the larger picture =
format. Because of this I found I could monitor which systems were on =
by calling up and connecting with the PC version. Because it can't =
display the big pictures it just tells me which systems are connected =
but doesn't activate the sending machines. This is done to keep the =
machines connected but not sending between classes. This keeps the net =
from getting clogged during off hours.

if someone has a suggestion on the "refmon" thing let me know.=20

Our reflector is a Pentium 90 running linux and we usuallly run refmon =
from other linux based machines via terminal sessions.