Mac Vs PC

J. Lau (
Thu, 07 Sep 1995 13:20:06 -0800

Dear People,

I have sent in an enquiry a while ago regarding having an audio connection
between a PC and a Mac. Thanks very much to all those who repied and I have
come to a conclusion -- it cannot be done practically with my current modem

So, I am now in the market of buying a PC for myself or a Mac for the other
party whom I want to talk to, so that we can be "compatible". I am not looking
for the generic Mac Vs PC debate, instead, I would like to know which one would
be better for primarily audio connection.

If we buy a PC, we will be using Iphone. If we buy a Mac, we will be using
Netphone. I know that a PC is in general cheaper than a Mac. I am just trying
to buy the minimum model that would handle the audio. However, after adding on
the cost of a video card, speakers, sound-blaster 16, mic and such, would
someone please tell me that it would be cheaper to buy a mac because it has all
these features built in ?

Thanks ! :)