White Pine-MacWeek News

Terra Universal, Inc. (rob@kaiwan.com)
Thu, 7 Sep 1995 15:02:04 -0700

If anyone has seen the latest MacWeek I urge you to turn to page 18 and see
"White Pine prepares commercial CU-SEEME"

The funny thing is that I have been a subscriber of this list for some time
and was rather shocked to see the photo that White Pine supplied for this
news release. The photo strongly resembles the current beta CU-SEEME that
most of us use except for one small thing - COLOR. How in the h*ll is that
possible? Could you actually send color over the Internet? I was under
the impression that there simply wasn't enough bandwidth. I can uderstand
if there was some additional hardware required to compress the heck out of
the transmission, but commercially it will sell for $99.00.

Let me just quote my favorite paragraph:

"White Pine's version of CUSeeMe, which provides person-to-person
videoconferencing over TCP/IP, will gain color support, improved audio
fidelity, interactive whiteboard capabilities and application sharing in
its forthcoming commercial version, the company said." - MacWeek 9.4.95
Volume 9 Number 35

Question: Just how much validity is there to what "...the company said."

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