Re: Mac Vs PC

Duncan V Essex (
Thu, 7 Sep 1995 16:48:53 -0700

At 2:20 PM 9/7/95, J. Lau wrote:

>the cost of a video card, speakers, sound-blaster 16, mic and such, would
>someone please tell me that it would be cheaper to buy a mac because it
>has all
>these features built in ?

Don't just look at the pricetag. You will save yourself a fortune in *time*.

Setting up anything vaguely sexy is a pain in the butt on PCs and wastes
masses of time. Get that Mac - even some of the cheapest models support
full duplex voice connections with Netphone, using built-in 16-bit (CD
quality) audio capabilities. Most software works immediately on your Mac,
without special configuration, hardware, add-ons, etc. Unless, of course,
you *want* to waste a bunch of time.....

No, I'm not interested in the Mac vs PC BS either. I wish people would grow
up and realise what each platform is good for and what it is not. Arguing
never changes the capabilities of your platform, it just wastes even more
time. Mac=AV=Mac

My $0.02 - and worth every penny.


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