White Pines Commercial List

Rick Collins (rcollins@mirror.det.mun.ca)
Fri, 8 Sep 1995 00:03:06 -0230

We employ CU-Seeme in an institution environment and I'm interested in =
the commercial offerings of White Pine in terms of CU-Seeme =
conferencing. Do they have a list to distribute some of this product =
info? I'd think it's time for such a thing if they're getting close to =
delivery. I love CUSeeme and I'm appreciative of the tremendous work of =
the Cornell development team but if I were to have a problem right now =
(We're using CU in a $250,00 project) I'd hesitate to demand support =
from Cornell. With a commercial product such as that spoken of from =
White Pine I'd buy in order to have that kind of support.

If anyone from White Pine is watching could they begin some sort of list =
or individual "direct" mail service.