Paul (padenton@metronet.com)
Thu, 7 Sep 1995 22:29:17 -0500

I'm gonna attempt to be OBJECTIVE about what
I intend to say, so bear with me.

I have been on this mailing list for a coupla months.
(sorry, we do talk funny in Texas)

And from reading everyone's postings this thing is

First, I got sucked into this 'anon.penet.fi' thing like
everyone else has 'ragged and bitched about', and I
posted my views on it.

Secondly, I got 'hooked' on this joke when someone
sent me a copy of cu for PC, ver, who cares, there are
tooo many, it was 35 something. Now I swear I must have
at least 5 versions archived, the last two release in about the
same week, with no apparent changes except the size of the
file. I inquired directly to Cornell, by-passing the list, no
reply as of this date, as to the functional difference.

Thirdly, I played HELL getting this thing to work, with little
help from the people on the list, not to even mention help
from Cornell. Had it not been for a good sumaritan here in
town that volunteered to help me out of the goodness of his
heart, I STILL would not have gotten this stupid thing to work.

Fourthly, this thing seems to have been created by someone
who happened to be in a DP lab with a bunch of Macs, god
forbid! that was apparently working on an 'undergrad' degree.
Now this thing has gone grazy and we still have a bunch of
kids trying to write code that is, ah, well, ah. poor to say
the lest...Errors occur, who in the world knows what the numbers
mean much less the cryptic descriptions......

Fifthly, we get BLITZED by this White-Pine 'thing' that, oh
careful here, SUDDENLY can cure ALL the ails of CU.
But wait, the promise to add color, let me see, the quote was:
"which provides person-to-person videoconferencing....,
WILL GAIN COLOR SUPPORT, improved audio...."

The key word here is 'WILL' gain..for what? Yes, folks,
ya gotta PAY for it! Oh, but, 2 for the price of one for $99.
Yes, for $99 you can suck your best friend into it too!

My final question is that now White-Pine is SOOOOO
happy to have this opportunity to HELP us, which grad
student sold the code, and for how much? Do you think
I could get the code? Nope, I tried.

Sorry folks if I sound bitter, but, yes, I must remeber that
the Good 'Ole U S of A is a Capitalistic.

Good night all, I'm over this!

Paul A. Denton


ps if you subscribe, at least save the docs so you'll know
how to UNSUBSCRIBE.....kinda tells the story in it's self!