video spigot on pc on win95

Sean Foderaro (jkf@frisky.Franz.COM)
Fri, 08 Sep 95 00:58:40 -0700

This message is for users of the Video Spigot card on a pc running

I tried moving installing video spigot card onto a machine
running on win95. I can't get the card's driver installed.
On win3.1 you could click on 'drivers' and install a driver that way
but on win95 you have to go through a Hardware Install wizard
and it doesn't understand the format of my driver disk.
The driver disk has a file oemsetup.inf on it.
I've conclused that win95 is looking for a different filename
to describe the driver setup, and presumably also
a different format to that file. Even copying the lines I see
from the system.ini for a win3.1 machine to the win95 machine
doesn't work. Still cu-seeme (and vidcap) don't see the driver.
[i.e. no capture device].

Has any other video spigot user gotten this board to work
on win95 (without starting with it working on win3.1 first and then
upgrading to win95)?

Thanks for any help .

-john (sean) foderaro