Re: Mac Vs PC

Fri, 8 Sep 1995 10:24:15 -0400 (EDT)

> Dear People,
>So, I am now in the market of buying a PC for myself or a Mac for the other
>party whom I want to talk to, so that we can be "compatible". I am not looking
>for the generic Mac Vs PC debate, instead, I would like to know which one would
>be better for primarily audio connection.
>If we buy a PC, we will be using Iphone. If we buy a Mac, we will be using
>Netphone. I know that a PC is in general cheaper than a Mac. I am just trying
>to buy the minimum model that would handle the audio. However, after adding on
>the cost of a video card, speakers, sound-blaster 16, mic and such, would
>someone please tell me that it would be cheaper to buy a mac because it has all
>these features built in ?

You mention that your only criteria for a platform is whether it will do voice
over tcpip. If that is the case, your money would be much better spent on a long
distance phone call, with no computer at all to complicate things.

Netphone and the like are not "free long distance phone calls". They require a
non-trivial investment in computer hardware that is going to be worth much less
in a very short period of time after you buy it.

If you are looking at a video conferencing need, then perhaps a computer
would be the solution. In that case, I'd suggest looking at something like the
upcoming 5200 or 5400. The 5200 may not be a good choice since the 14.4 modem it
includes will be useless for video. The Mac, in general, is going to be less
trouble to set up and maintain. It may not be the most cost-effective choice
if money is an issue, though.


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