CU-SeeMe and White Pine

David O. Bundy (
Fri, 08 Sep 1995 10:34:02 -0400

Sense people have been asking questions about what White Pine is doing etc.
I will respond. I will not make it an add for White Pine, but just try to
clarify any confusion. If you take this as a White Pine promotion I am
sorry, I am not in Marketing so maybe you will take it for what it is,

White Pine's Mission with CU-SeeMe is to make is easy to install, use and
work better in lower bandwidth and unstable Internet connections. We also
will be adding some necessary features that comercial DVC users expect like
White Boards and interopability with a large set of Video Capture boards and
audio boards and of course Color which people expect.

For the first release what we plan to acheive comes from a number of resources,
Cornell (And Other Universities), Other Licensed software, development by White
Pine Engineers.

With Cornell and Other Universities the Freeware and Comercial releases will
be getting a lower bandwidth audio Codec.

White Pine will be supplying in
the comercial version a new Color Video Codec which has very impressive
compression ratio's which will give you 24bit TrueColor (decodeable to 16 or 8 bit
desktops) at a lower bandwidth requirement bit rate
then the current Grayscale Cornell Codec. This Color codec has been designed
to scale frame rate and/or clarity based on the bit rate the user chooses. This
will enable users of 28.8 modems to choose say 14Kb -> 20Kb for the video
and will be able to send/receive a 4-7 Color FPS. If you only have a Black
and White Camera you can use the new Codec and acheive even greater results.
People with LAN or higher bandwidth WAN/Internet connections will be able to get
15-30 Frames a second of Color at very reasonable bit rates.

White Pine will also bundle in some existing White Board technology which
includes some and will include more Application Sharing in the near future.

We are dedicated to get the Windows product up to feature and look of the mac
version and to get this all working on Windows 3.1, 32BIt - WIndows '95 and NT all of
which are already working in the lab.

We are also added multicast to the desktop and the reflector so that on the
LAN you will use much less bandwidth for large Broadcasts and conferences.
We will also be adding Multi Conferences within a reflector and easy to use dynamic
configuration utilities.

So to answer Rob Sherman, yes we do plan todo what we say. We are very
excited about the technology and our relationship with Cornell and are puting
many resources on the project.

We also understand the nature of freeware and this environment and many of
the features/bug fixes we do will be feed back to Cornell for the Freeware,
some for immediate access (eg. many of the Windows Code cleanup changes)
and some for later.

Hope this helps answer all those questions,
Dave B.
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