Re: What is IP-address-mask in ALLOW parameter?
Fri, 8 Sep 1995 11:14:22 -0400

At 2:13 PM 9/7/95 -0400, James Vincent wrote:
>How does one use the ip address mask in the ALLOW parameter in the
>config file for 4.00B2 reflector?

The basic syntax is:

ALLOW i : m

where i is an IP address (in dotted decimal notation) and m is the number
of bits (1-32) of it that are significant. ALLOW privileges are granted to
any address whose first m bits match the first m bits of i. Only as much
of i as is signficant needs to be specified. E.g., the following
specifications are equivalent:

ALLOW 132.236 : 16
ALLOW : 16

Similar syntax is available for the ADMIT-SENDER, ADMIT and DENY commands.

ADMIT 128.118.30 : 24
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