Re: CUSeeMe -- NV
Fri, 8 Sep 1995 13:21:13 -0400

At 4:55 PM 9/8/95 +0200, Patrick Arnoul wrote:
>Hi there,
>Has anybody out there being able to exchange live video with
>CUSeeMe on a PC (VideoBlaster) at one end and NV on a Sun at
>the other end.
>1- using a common reflector site
>2- without any reflector, with direct connection
>I can get two CUSeeMe PC's talking the one to the other without
>any reflector, same with two Suns running NV, but not yet a chance
>to crosstalk CUSM <--> NV (using CUSeeMe video compression mode
>on NV of course).
>Well, my goal is a CUSeeMe PC and a Linux box with NV talking
>via a pots line with modems (SLIP). I am experimenting with
>PCs and Suns via ethernet.

It is not possible for (current versions of) CU-SeeMe and nv to
interoperate unless you have an intervening reflector to do protocol
translation. Conceivably, you could run the reflector and nv on the same
machine, though I have not heard of anyone doing so. If you have success,
please post to the list. Also, as was mentioned by David Schussel, there
are problems with nv compatibility in the latest versions of the reflector
(4.0b1/b2), so you would be better off experimenting with 3.xx for the time

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