PowerMac 7500 Problems, more info

Joseph M Izen (joe@utdallas.edu)
Fri, 8 Sep 1995 18:22:27 -0500

This is a follow-up to my last problem report. It still hasn't been
resolved, but I konw a little more about what the problem isn't. The 7500
digitizer accepts input from both S-Video and NTSC-composite, displays it
with Video Monitor or Apple Video Player. CU-SeeMe remains grayed out.
Both cameras work fine with a second 7100AV and CU-SeeMe

Config of 7500:
No extra extensions or control panels. It is recently out of a box.
Sys 7.5.2 32Meg Ram, VM off, Quicktime and Quictime Powerplug are installed.
Cu-seeme 0.8b2 PPC version
Monitor depth at 256 colors.

Are there any known or suspected problems with this configuration? ANyone
else have a problem?

If I were allowed to look inside the Mac Alpha folder at the ftp site,
would I find something that works? Apple 800 SOS-APPL for what its worth
says the problem must lie with the 3rd party software.

I tried finding the page which I heard exists for seraching the DIGEST
archives at Indiana state. Anyone (Sattler???) know the URL?

Thanks for any insight into this problem. THis is the Mac we we hoping to
use for the netcast of MIT Pres C. Vest's talk at the Univ of Texa at
Dallas on Monday nite: (http://wwwpub.utdallas.edu/~joe/vest.html). We do
have a backup machine, but pulling it and moving it across campus would be

-Joe Izen