Mac Color Classic

Michel Labelle (
Fri, 8 Sep 95 21:03:35 EDT

I have read a lot about CU-Seeme and its requirements... Before trying in
vain to set it up on my friend's MacIntosh (who is a newbie in Hawaii far
away from Montreal) I was wondering if one of you already tried it with the
following equipment (or similar):

I have:
-IBM DX2-66 20MB
-ATI Ultra Pro 2MB
-Soundblaster SW32
-Running under Windows 95 with a SLIP Connection
-Modem Zoom 28.8kbs

She has:
-Mac Color Classic 8MB (16MB virtual)
-Built In audio
-System 7 with a running PPP connection
-Modem 14.4kbs

I know that the 14.4 modem wont transfer the sound and I just want to know if
its gonna work if she buys a 28.8 modem. Of course we both will buy all the
video requirements if I can be sure that we wont lose money for the changes.
I dont really care about having or not video...My principal interest is in
audio which would reduce my phone bills a lot...I hope you understand ;)

Thanks a lot and email me if you can help me!