Re: request for video projector opinions

Roger Lee Boston (
Sat, 9 Sep 1995 00:19:43 -0500 (CDT)

Try this:
- 50 inch big screen TV $2,200
- VGA to TV converter 200

Maks a great! video display for teleconferencing and fills the classroom
with a white board, big sound bright image with the lights on -- and half
the cost of a good lcd panel which can take video (which won't work by
the way for teleconferencing since the lights have to be dimmed and the
distant parties can't see you). Works for me.

On Sat, 9 Sep 1995, paul sentner wrote:

> ..this is sort of off the list subject, again (no internet/CU-SM connection
> in the classroom/lab), but I am seeking suggestions for make, model, appox.
> cost, source of purchase, for a video projector for use in a computer
> lab/classroom.
> ..for use from a pc/compatible, minimum 256 colors, vga; not an
> LCD/overhead-projector setup, and under not-dark circumstances (although
> there are window blinds, and dimmers on the lights).
> ..finally: definitely under $4500 (the further under, the greater the chance
> of acquisition) :)
> ..I would appreciate suggestions pro (and con) about specific projector(s)
> from anyone with actual experience of the projector as a regular user (or as
> a regular viewer/member of the "audience".
> Thanks,
> --paul-- paul sentner
> pittsburgh, pennsylvania