Re: Win Audio via dialup

Howard Tweddle (
Sat, 9 Sep 1995 12:54:56 -0400

My thoughts too. Maybe the principle of "no special hardware" could be
compromised to all "some low-cost hardware"? Sounds like point-to-point 28.8
can be done but the added complexity of unscrambling the packets staggering
in over the Internet seems to just tip it over the edge. I'm new around
here, has there been any discussion about putting some hardware in for a
helping hand?

>On Fri, 1 Sep 1995, Howard Tweddle wrote:
>> Is the problem confined to the Windows version? Some of the messages seem to
>> be saying that, but if it's a transmission bandwidth issue, why is is
>> platform dependent? I'm seeing some inconsistent reasoning in some of the
>> messages that are getting posted...
>I think that since inception the Win ver of CUSM has lagged the Mac version.
>The Mac ver had audio via a separate program called Maven since the summer
>of 1994. That gives the Mac platform that much more maturity in handling
>video + audio over any given link. I certainly expect the Win CUSM to
>get better, but I can't see it becoming as good as a program that is able
>to use hardware for compression and decompression.
>I note an item on the list today describing pretty good Win audio at 28.8.
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