Re: Cautionary note re TALK window

Howard Tweddle (
Sat, 9 Sep 1995 12:55:00 -0400

Sounds like a pretty serious technical problem, though, which needs a
solution if CU-SeeMe is to have any commercial application. Imagine this if
it were widely deployed already!

>I am willing to bet that that user came from (
>We have had the same troubble here. I know that they are denied from the
>cornell reflector for the same reason. We have been in touch with the
>system administration at who is willing to throw this guy out
>if they catch him. He is often connected to several reflectors at the
>same time and stays connected for a long time. So if the system
>administration gets a phone whenever this thing happends they can catch him.
>We are currently denying anything from and so will any
>reflecor that we are connected to in the near future.
>- Halvor.
>On Wed, 30 Aug 1995, Jean Armour Polly wrote:
>> Although IMHO the end user perception is that the username in the video
>> window, the name in the participant's list, and the name in the TALK window
>> are all the same per connected ip number, this is not always the case.
>> Some CUSeeMe clients do the following:
>> Video window and participant's list show the name used when first
>> connecting, whereas the Talk window shows the current value of the user
>> name, which may have been changed.
>> This allows users to impersonate other users, with predictable results.
>> You can't be sure who you're *really* talking to.
>> Worse, things can be said in the name of a legitimate person in a normal
>> video window, who doesn't even have her TALK window open, and can't see
>> what is being said.
>> Example: Connie Chung smiling away in normal video window, without her TALK
>> window open.
>> Some wiseacre opens up his TALK window, changes his username to
>> ConnieChung, and starts saying impolite things about Newt Gingrich's
>> mother. Connie doesn't even know it and other users think Connie's gone off
>> the deep end of the Net.
>> Something akin to this happened to me yesterday, but I saw it and made note
>> of the IP numbers connected at the time.
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