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Steve Linn (
Sat, 09 Sep 1995 16:53:58 -0400

I just downloaded version W0.70b1 of Cu-Seeme and have installed it
on Windows 95, final beta release. My Win95 machine is connected to
a Linux server via NE2000 ethernet cards. The Linux server is connected
to the Internet with a dedicated line (Class C service).
I have followed the instructions for installation
and read the Help. I have tried many mods to my "hosts" file on the Win95
machine but still do not seem to be able to connect. I am particularily
interested in the Nasa Video conferencing.

Any help you could provide to help me get CUSEEME running would be
greatly appreciated.

Just to give you a better idea of my configuration:

SERVER: Linux 1.2.8 with IP forwarding, NE2000 etc.
Dedicated 28.8 PPP to my provider
1 PPP dial-in line so far
Sendmail 8.6.12, Apache 0.8.11, my provider does News and DNS
running for about 3 months - no problems

Local Client: Win95 final Beta 9.50 - (beta since 3.47)
Netscape 1.2b6, Eudora, FreeAgent, WsFtp, etc.
Network - TCP/IP > Ne2000 compatable (default protocol)

As an example, I have tried (

From both the Linux box and Win95 I can sucessfuly ping and traceroute.

From Cu-SeeMe I get No Response from

Any ideas as to what I could try next.

Thanks ... Steve

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