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J. Trent Adams (trent@tiac.net)
Sun, 10 Sep 95 05:55:51 0400

> Why am I getting SPBOpenDevice Failed, err= -227?
> On 22 Jan 1995, Richard Cogger, the head of the CU-SeeMe
> project, wrote: "That's] sort of a universal symptom, just
> meaning that the open Sound Parameter Block call to the
> SoundManager failed. It can fail [happen] because you have
> a geo-port device, like a software express modem or a
> fax-thing (hooked up, in operation, installed, which?)."
> J. Colin R. Hunter, at Virology Laboratories, University
> of Maryland (in Baltimore, Maryland, USA) continues:
> This is most often caused by an active Express Modem
> control panel in a 660AV or 840AV. Deleting CU-SeeMe's
> preferences file and clicking off the Express Modem will
> usually fix the problem.

Is there a way to set my system to use the Apple Modem tool rather than
the Express Modem to connect to my provider via PPP? As it stands I
haven't been able to keep my Express Modem from running the connection
and needless to say I can't turn off the Express Modem while it is
keeping my connection active. I am using a Q660/AV and have just
installed the new version of the Express Modem software from Apple.

Thanks for any help you can provide!