cCuSeeMe .70b1 PC cuseeme.ini

Robert Garber (
Sun, 10 Sep 95 16:33:22 -0700

Hi, could you please send me via e-mail a complete listing and
description of ALL settings available in the cuseeme ini file for pc
version .70b1 for windows... I love the program, I am currently using a
486 DX2/66, windows for workgroups 3.11, SVGA 800x600 256 colors, and
(for the time being) an intel 14.4 modem... could you also send along any
"tweeks" that people have found useful with low speed connections? (esp.
audio...). How does one go about getting ALPHA's?

FYI... I have tested cuseeme with the program RealAudio, I have been able
to get very readable audio over realaudio while recieving 4 or 5 images
from cuseeme, why will cuseeme not do audio very well by itself?
RealAudio compensates for loss rather well...possible to put a similar
routine into cuseeme?
Sorry about being long winded...L8r
<<<< Bob >>>>