EPW7 videoconferencing 9/10-9/15

Sun, 10 Sep 1995 17:12:38 -0500

>Could someone please post a list of Reflector sites and or a list of
>interesting events/locations?

We're here in Concord, California at the seventh annual Electronic
Photojournalism Workshop, sponsored by the National Press Photographers
Association. The conference is on the web at:


And we're set up to handle some point-to-point or multi-point CUSM
videoconferencing. All the 50+ PCI Macs in the makeshift newsroom at the
Concord Hilton have ISDN access to the Internet, thanks to GeoNet
Communications of Palo Alto. We are at:

Anyone interesting in providing a reflector for us to use
periodically during the next week can email me; or any others who might
want to connect directly during the week can contact me with some suggested

Rgds ~ Kurt

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