Re: CUSEEME on the PowerMac 7500

Richard Cogger (
Sun, 10 Sep 1995 22:31:48 -0400

>Has CUSEEME been tested on a 7500 yet. When I try to run it using the
>S-video as input, I don't get any video even when I try to connect to
>Any hints or tips or plans?
>Greg Woltornist

Nope, at CU. We have a 7500 and an 8500 on order but our store is out of
stock. Expected in a couple weeks (?? if you believe it !!).

On the Mac, it *only works* with what we make it work with. Listed in the
readme. Nothing else works. Until we make it work. This seems to me to
be a simple concept, but we don't seem to be able to communicate it. Any

We *will* do 7500/8500. When we have machines.

Stay tuned. -Dick

P.S. Here is a Question/Request from someone with an unsupported board.
I went on a bit to answer, and here it is for whatever use it may be:


>I have a RasterOps MoviePak Presenter with the latest corresponding VDIG
>extension (from and was disappointed that CU-SeeMe
>didn't work with it - all my other third-party applications work,
>however. It does 24-bit 640x480 30fps video, so I'd rather use it
>instead of buying a QuickCam. Is it a possibility that you could add
>support for this digitizer to CUSM? (please?? :) I have a couple friends
>who are looking to get this to work, also.

We havn't had a lot of call for this. Someone would need to provide us a
sample, and then it could be a bunch of work. We're now wrestling with the
AppleVideo system for the Performa. Most products use vdig calls to the
"Sequence Grabber" which in turn calls "GrabOneFrame" with, apparantly, a
lot of intelligence that we haven't got around to building. We can't use
the SequenceGrabber call, since we need to get one frame and then minimize
the time taken to move that frame to the the rest of the conferees. We
have found that almost every vdig has some special handling required.

If you wanted to explore with RasterOps whether they would provide us a
sample and technical support, you could. Or you could license the source
code to CU-SeeMe and do the support yourself. We would be happy to
distribute the result, assuming you do a solid job. Or you might be able
to sell it to White Pine (see below).

The other option you have (eventually) will be to buy the commercial
version from White Pine, when it's out. I expect they will do the work to
support nearly everything-- it will be one of the features to distinguish
the commercial version from the freeware. With CU-SeeMe, we try to give
you a lot more than you pay for, but resources are limited.

Cheers, -Dick