Windows: No Local Video. No Text Input.

Howard Tweddle (
Mon, 11 Sep 1995 00:42:58 -0400


I've installed CU-SeeMe on a 486DX50 and I've been relatively successful
receiving video at 14.4 - even got some bursts of sound from NASA! However:

1. I get no video in the local video window, even though my camera and
capture board works fine in Video for Windows. The window is white. My
capture board is a MediaVision ProMovieStudio.

2. I can find no way of typing text into the window (at least, I imagine
that's what the main window is for?

Are these things:

a) My installation errors, in which case what am I doing wrong?

b) Things that are known not to work, in which case what work-around, or
when to be fixed?

I'd appreciate some assistance. Also, I have a serious business interest in
this which I keep meaning to give you a call about... Maybe this week...

Howard Tweddle
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