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Howard Tweddle (
Mon, 11 Sep 1995 00:43:02 -0400

I get exactly the same thing. It's very frustrating. What it seems like is
that the algorithm is malfunctioning somehow - it's supposed to be clever
about which sections it transmits, based on which parts of the picture are
changing most. And it's also supposed to refresh even static parts every so
often. Butlike you I've never been able to achieve a full image - no matter
how long I stay connected, there's always a few blocks left of the startup
screen. It's like it's "forgetting" to transmit some parts of the picture...

Anybody else have these symptoms?

Howard Tweddle

>Dear Sirs,
>I connect to the internet throught NETCOM access provider. I have a 28.8
>modem. I am using CU-SEEME for Windows Verison 0.66WWW. When I connect to a
>IP address, the cu-seeme software only repaints part of the picture. No
>matter how long I stay on the site, the only part of the picture is
>repainted. I never get a full picture. I have a friend that also has a 28.8
>moden and connects to the internet through NETCOM. He has the same prolbem.
> Can you suggest a possible solution to this prolbem.I have only connected to
>reflector sites at this time. My friend and myself plan to buy the connectix
>camera for windows when it comes out at the end of this month and try to
>connect to each other to see if it my any difference. I hope you can help me
>with this prolbem. I see great uses for this software for myself and my
>company Pacific Bell.
>Thank you
>James Howard Colvin
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