NV problems with the reflector

David S. Dworkin (ddworkin@wpine.com)
Mon, 11 Sep 1995 09:48:28 -0400

Hi there,

As Mike (and many others) have pointed out, the current (4.0B2) reflector is having
problems with NV interoperability. (Has anyone been using VAT successfully?) I
don't want to speak for Tim, but I believe that he has temporarily disabled NV access
to the Cornell reflector so that the current NV problems do not bring the reflector down.

We recognize that there is a problem here, and the folks at Cornell and White Pine are
working on it. Hopefully in the B3 release (coming soon to an FTP site near you :),
these problems will be resolved. I will let you all know when B3 is available for all the platforms
that we have been supporting.

Thanks for your patience,

David Dworkin
White Pine Software

>Date: Fri, 8 Sep 1995 13:44:56 -0400
>From: Mike Loewen <mloewen@ripsaw.cac.psu.edu>
>To: cu-seeme-l@cornell.edu
>Subject: Reflector 4.0 and NV
>Message-ID: <199509081744.NAA13668@ripsaw.cac.psu.edu>
> After posting my own problems with reflector 4.0b2 crashing with NV
>clients, and seeing others post with the same problems, the only response
>I recall seeing from the developers has been "...we've disabled NV support
>on the Cornell reflector...". Is anyone truly working on connectivity
>problems in the current reflector code?