Re: Help with Audio

Cha Palanki (
Mon, 11 Sep 1995 13:04:25 -0400


> I am running cuseeme ver. 70b1 on two different pc's using WFW. When I try
> and press the audio push-to-talk switch on either machine the system(s)
> lock-up. One machine is a 486/33 with a Soundblaster 16 audio card and the
> other is a P5/100 with a Ensoniq Soundscape Wavetable Sound Card.
> The problem is the same whether I am going through our local reflector or
> point-to-point.
> Can anyone can give me a few words of wisdom??

I was having the same problem with my p5-120 Gateway2000 computer with
Ensoniq Soundscape Card. What I did to solve the problem was ftped
driver upgrades from That solved the problem for me.
I guess you may have to do the same for Soundblaster.